Creative Revolution


"I come with war - I bring peace."


Lira Kay

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A Path of an Artist.

You long to let go.

To create. To be true.

To set your spirit free.

Art is your saving grace.

Art is where the magic

and realness of you meet

to create miracles.

This is the way to fall back in love with life.

Unleash your desire and your creativity.

Fill up your cup and start again.

"SCHOOL where you're forbiden to learn, and are forced to CREATE."

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Here is where you show

your true colors.

Break free.

Connect with your heart.

And lead a long-overdue revolution

of meaning and purpose.



We are here, to give you everything you need...


A space to breathe.

Detox. Recharge.

Reconnect with your truth.

Reimagine the future of leadership.

And a purpose of life.

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This  is  


a place to be yourself 

to play and belong.


Founded by Lira Kay

Activator. Futurist. Guide.

International artist.

World-class healer.

A secret weapon.

You don't need to wait

to reconnect with your truth.

Your natural desire is to lean into the edge and find extraordinary solutions to lead and build legacies.

Our programs are designed to take your gifts higher, deeper and further, knowing how charismatic, intelligent, innovative and driven you already are. 


Whether you are in the middle of your big mission and service, or came to a logical end of it - there's more to you than your success and your contribution.

This is about facing your highest purpose, and making a leap into the unknown potential of your leadership, influence and talent.

Yes, it will surprise you.


It will surprise everyone.


Here, we celebrate your rebirth.


An investment in expansion through deepest levels of

self-acceptance, soul-alignment, courage, love and authenticity.

Painting with the whole body




a New Role Model Paradigm - for Powerful Visionaries and Leaders 

to honor their Life, their Path and their Work. You are a Masterpiece worthy of celebration...

You are here to catch

your Second Breath.

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... a beautifully curated deep-dive into healing and letting go of your past - to create an open space, a clean slate and your new chapter.

We are taking shadow work, drama therapy, body art, soul searching and future-visioning to the next level.


As your life lessons get completed one by one, a clear new direction will inevitably reveal itself to you. 

Then the journey begins!

Our clients say...


Creating   Utopia.


We would love to welcome you into our magical world.

You are a beautiful being.


Would you like to experience the highest form of collaboration

and support?

Apply to join


our exclusive program for the creative, spiritual and professional elite




the care and attention you need on your mission

to elevate humanity, 

as you replenish

and rebirth.

Dive into our philosophy and teachings and join our mission to create and lead from the heart.

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Colleagues in Hallway
Mother and Daughter Meditating
Renaissance Style Portrait
Looking Out of a Skyscaper

This is the great reset.

Of purpose. Of mission. Of connection.
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