Your Time, Your Space, Our Group and Ongoing Support! We Know What It's Like to Have a Calling...


Here you'll find information about the 111 Healers Project and a FREE Application Form to apply to be represented by our 111 Healers Conference as a Master Healer and Mentor. We will be promoting your work to the worldwide audience looking for healing and growth.

  • Facilitate and live-stream a 30-min Workshop in our 111 Healers Conference FB Group.

  • Receive the Master-Healer Award and nominate your 3 favorite Healers.

Please, Apply to Speak at Our Conference

If You Are So Called. Feel It in Your Heart!

  1. You don't want to waste another minute feeling small and hiding from your destiny to be a global master-healer and a teacher? You want to pass on your healing skills.

  2. Are you ready to put together a free of charge workshop, inviting an audience of at least 100 people from your online community to watch your live-stream in our group to see you demonstrate your methods and tools? Our 111 Healers Conference group relies on your 100 personal invitations to expand our group - this is exactly how we find you clients and grow your business - by all of us sharing our audience with each other. 

  3. Are you ready to support other healers, connect, collaborate and inspire other participants, speakers and members inside our 111 Healers Conference Community? You know the true value of collaboration for social media engagement. 

  4. Are you ready to nominate 3 of your favorite healers for our 111 Healers Conference Master-Healer Award? You want to pay it forward. You know talented hidden gems of our industry and you want to gift them a chance to be seen, heard and celebrated, just as you would be. 

  5. Do you know or are willing to learn how to do Facebook Livestreams via phone? You know that video and especially live-steaming, is the fastest way to communicate your value. You are here to spread the good message and sell your work, as well as heal people around the globe. 


If you answer is YES to all of these 5 questions, fill out the Application Form bellow. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for applying to speak and facilitate a live online workshop at 



Spaces are strictly limited to 100 participants per year.

School Of Inspired Life reserves rights to select our conference speakers and facilitators. If you are selected, you will get at email with an invitation to book a 30-min Live Workshop and a checklist of marketing materials to promote you online. 

Because of so many applications we receive, we might not send you a written response, if you are not selected. Please, keep doing your work - your gift is needed in the world! 


You can join our 111 Healers Community here to be a part of live workshops, network and get on the waiting list to join us as a speaker next year.

Tropical Resort

10 Selected Speakers and Master-Healers will be invited to the exclusive healing and business retreat in Oahu, Hawaii to exchange methods, network and create powerful collaborations. School Of Inspired Life and 111 Healers Conference founder Lira Kay will be sharing advanced training on specific healing and therapy methods, all focused on helping you sky-rocket your business and your brand. You can request information and learn about logistics and fees here. 

All speakers and facilitators will receive a printable PDF 111 Healers Conference Speakers Award and Certificate. 

Please share our 111 Healers Project with your friends and audience! We are grateful for YOU!


As part of this 111 Healers movement throughout the year all of us will join forces to share our healing gifts with communities local and global.

We are here to spread the light and elevate people's body, mind and spirit.

We are 100% serious about the healing work we do! It is the Path and the Mission. 

We are so proud of you doing your work and honored to fund this incredible project that takes your work to the global audience.


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