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I specialize in getting people over their existential crisis. In order to do that, we are looking into healing your guilt issues.

As a public figure celebrated for the work you continuously do for humanity, even though you feel accomplished, you can also feel trapped. 

You know in your heart, and people who love you had told you that too, you must come back to yourself, recharge, take a break, or even move on. 

It's hard when so many lives depend on you. You truly feel for people. How can you break free from a mission you've put your heart and blood in? How can you reclaim your own soul and become an artist again? 

I have an answer. 

"My compassionate voice of reason now speaks with a lovely accent..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

Lira Kay is the world's leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies.


Her work is focused on creating seamless but highly effective processes and systems for high performance, therapy and healing. Lira’s been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal breakthroughs of many celebrated transformational leaders, elite coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 


“Being in your energy is like being in my mother’s womb…”


Bakytgul, Bestselling Author of From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan, Milan

What Happens After Happily Ever After

Often after we got our mission going, celebrated getting that grant, had been recognized for the outstanding work for humanity, saved lives and made a global impact we operate on auto-pilot. Your team manages the day-to-day, and you provide the name, connections, money, inspiration and your leadership. That is in the best case scenario... in reality, you are 'in it' and it feels like there's no way out. 

You know more than the most about what's really going on and how people suffer.

Your heart aches for them. You'd give everything to change their situation, reform and even revolutionize the system. 

You've taken the vow and you are on the mission. 

The mission drives you, gives you fire under your wings, gives you purpose, inspires you to get out of bed in the morning and take care of yourself. 

You know how truly important you are in all this.

Without any false humility, you see, how if something had happened to you, your social enterprise will collapse. 

You are the heart and a driving force behind your mission. 


And it's been years, perhaps, decades... of hard work, sacrifice and pain.

Earth Projection

Dilemma is, how to gracefully move on, without disrupting the flow and a great impact your mission is doing in the world. 

Why move on?

Because your heart wants to be elsewhere.

Let's face it, you didn't choose your mission. Your mission chose you. 

"You saved my life..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Women Against Human Trafficking

“In 5 min you've done for me what my psychotherapists and coaches couldn't do it 10 years.

Name hidden due to client's high visibility 

You didn't choose your mission. Your mission chose you. 

Lira Kay 

So what happens after the mission? When you worked through your initial resistance, healed your guilt patterns, allowed yourself to take a break and breathe. 

Just for now free of worries. Free of the heavy load. Knowing you had paid your debt and made a difference. 

You suddenly realized that living without a higher purpose is tricky. You are now all alone, free to get involved or let it unfold without you.
But where's the flow, the motivation, the fire?

Your next mission may or may not be public, because it is spiritual. It meant to feed and expand your soul.

Being 'public' has it's perks, adds a great level of accountability, molds you, shapes you, grows you.

Being a Mystic, a Seeker, an Artist looks easy, like being in a Play.

But I'm not talking about the bucket lists of passions and hobbies, or an early retirement, or indulging in ignorance - that's not you.

I'm talking about awakening the next level gift you have for yourself, and ultimately the world. 

Your spiritual path aren't finished yet... in fact, all you've done for others was just a preparation. (Or sometimes a diversion from the heart of your spiritual assignment). 

Do you want to know what it is?

“All you've done for others was just a preparation. (Or sometimes a diversion from the heart of your spiritual assignment).  

Lira Kay 

There is a healthier, happier version of you… with a new strength, connection to the higher source, making a new energetic, spiritual footprint, creating a new kind of legacy.


Let's make your next move to be into the realms that Creators Call Home. 

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