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I will help you embody your religion.

And I won’t let you fall into obeying religion and God that destroys, that shames, that rejects your power to love, to choose, and to create.

I understand the precious connection between your God and your upbringing. There’s no surprise why the rules you play by are what they are.

You are grown up enough now to discern how you had become ‘yourself’. When the path you took makes you happy and productive then your parents succeeded in installing some solid foundation for happiness. If you are in pain then they didn’t. Your religion will reflect the Path you took to become either miserable or happy.


Don't think, that if you are living an unhappy life, that your God wants anything else for you. You are living exactly what you believe in.

In the times of crisis we instinctively and naturally come to the crisis of our religion, our God. We question and we evolve. We decide to believe in a new God and we set new rules for how our life will go from now on.


It’s hard.

It’s annoying.

It’s destructive.

But it's what gives us the rights and permission to move on and divorce ourselves from our parents and from our old ways.


Within a crisis we can not remain the same. We try. We do our best. But no. We just can not!


The silver lining here is, that our glorious failure gives us a great excuse to move on… And, yes, we’ll take it. We will totally take it.

There is a healthier, happier version of you… believing in a different God, worshipping and practicing a different kind of devotion, attracting and manifesting different kind of life, including relationships, work, money and the pleasure you can derive from it all.

I am here to help you to set those new rules, work with your conscious and subconscious constructions, design a meta-model of your new faith, everything and anything that you need to believe in yourself and your power to live freely, at peace with yourself, and of service to others.

"My compassionate voice of reason now speaks with a lovely accent..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

Lira Kay is the world's leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies.


Her work is focused on creating seamless but highly effective processes and systems for high performance, therapy and healing. Lira’s been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal breakthroughs of many celebrated transformational leaders, elite coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 


“Being in your energy is like being in my mother’s womb…”


Bakytgul, Bestselling Author of From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan, Milan

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Giant Busts on the Hill
Compassionate God
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God is as powerful, and as kind and compassionate as your parents were. 


God IS an internalized parent.


Quilt-tripping and shaming is a weapon your parents used to control you.


Current state of people, society, politics and religion, or rather what we draw from it, reflects our early childhood projections and continues the cycle of abuse and abandonment or liberates us from it.


You feel alone or enjoy a sense of belonging depending on whether God is or isn’t present in your life. 

You’d think, you’d hope, God would compensate for the wrongs of your parents, but in reality, you feel and act like your parents still have the power, and God is a personification of their diverse yet subjective influence and impact.


The biggest reason for psychotherapy is to grow up and learn to parent yourself effectively - become your own ideal parent.


And your quest for spirituality is a path to finding yourself Your Own Compassionate God. 


“I was about to give up… and now I own my work!”


Emma, Founder of Channeled Society, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Seattle

Crystal Salt
Polluted Beach
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New Age spirituality is a desperate attempt to let go of the all powerful angry and judgmental God of the past. 


Materialism, as well as atheism, or worshiping of the mind, is reflecting and justifying the absence, lack of intimacy or the emotional detachment characterizing your parents (or at least one of your parents). 


Fascination with aliens, dimensions, quantum fields and akashic records compensates for being a child of a delusional and mentally disturbed and disturbing parent. Often these schizophrenic (conflicting, confusing, vague, theoretical) meta-constructions created underlying anxiety and lack of focus and stability in your adult life. 


Tendency for depression stems from substituting a cold, formal, unforgiving, overly-vain parent with a Narcissistic God that prevents us from being real, vulnerable and intimate in our relationships. This is exactly why you feel so lonely, misunderstood and unlucky in love.


Judgmental God kills authenticity. This God makes you ‘work on yourself’, race for success, prove and push yourself.

Whether you will feel happy with your achievement or not depends on how conditioned your own parent was in their own life. If you are lucky your parent had reached the state of self-acceptance that allowed them to loosen their terms and conditions for permitting expression of love. If they had experienced a big loss and managed to survive that, your God might make a promise of granting you the unconditional love, at least one day, when you had been a ‘good boy or a girl’ long enough. 

“In 5 min you've done for me what my psychotherapists and coaches couldn't do it 10 years.

Name hidden due to client's high visibility 


"You saved my life..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Women Against Human Trafficking

Think of your parents now and describe me what kind of God rules your life right now? 

Tell me what you don’t want to happen and I will show you what (or who) mustn’t you ‘worship’ in order to avoid that. 

“Then tell me what you want and I will show you what (or who) must you ‘worship’ in order to get there.”

Lira Kay 

Then tell me what you want and I will show you what (or who) must you ‘worship’ in order to get there. 


Because, don’t kid yourself, you live exactly what you ‘believe’ in. 


Your limitations are self-imposed.

Your fears are self-inflicted.

Your wins are self-caused.


What or who subjectively limits, scares or inspires you shapes your objective reality. We can all see what and who you worship.


It’s that simple. 

You must heal your relationship with God with healing the original trauma with your parents… and you’ll have a chance to be granted all of your wishes, to be forgiven of all of your sins, and, in fact, never be judged, but instead unconditionally loved and accepted. 


THIS God can give you permission to be powerful. THIS God can encourage expansion, innovation and breakthrough without sacrifice of authenticity and personal freedom. 


This process of healing is a process of growing up and constructing your own compassionate productive meta-models that allow you to be happy just the way you envision it. 


After all, I would invite you not to just embody your religion, but to find and restore your faith. 


I specialize in creating deeply cathartic psychological experiences and methodologies leading to spiritual enlightenment, confidence and inner peace. 


We begin with helping you find your spiritual core through intentional therapeutic process of self-forgiveness and self-empowerment. 


Together we construct and recreate a compassionate meta-model that makes you all powerful, secure and expansive. 


We restore you faith in yourself, in people and in God. 

Imagine what is possible for you when you have permission and means to act despite your fear and limitations! 


Imagine, that the rules you play by meant to progress and evolve you.


Imagine, you are never alone, you are always loved.

Imagine, you have your back and you share responsibility for your decisions and actions. 


You have protection.

You have courage.

You have more that enough, as you have access to the source. 


You are unstoppable. You are powerful.

You are magical.

We can truly create all of those things. If you wish.


Contact Lira to learn more about her programs and work. 

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