I teach to market from your heart with authenticity and love

JOIN my dream clients in their mastermind BE PHENOMENAL

for the whole month of BRAND UPLEVEL! 

- pinpoint your niche (no more wondering who you ARE and what is your GIFT)

- write a copy to speak to the HEARTS of your dream clients (and not the time wasters and commitment-phobics)

- use the POWER of sexuality and guidance from your spirit to activate your brand 

- and so MUCH MORE!


Get bi-weekly (Monday, Wednesday, 9 am (PDT) Zoom calls with coaching,

do the work right on the call,

get feedback on your brand, copy and energetic brilliance.

Get bonus videos from the Be Phenomenal Program on the topic of marketing, branding, breaking through the fear of success and visibility and energy mastery and your life's purpose activation. 

Secret FB group for OMG so much support! 

...and whatever else I decide to do... I am in a SUPER creative and GIVING mode... so expect MIRACLES! :) 

Price is 1/5 of what my clients pay me! So jump in now to secure the place!