How to Implement Working Strategies Instead of Struggling in Your Coaching Business

  • We’ll help you set up a business model that brings consistent $10K a month, without huge advertising budgets,

  • Scale your business to eventually become a CEO of a successful company selling programs and products online. 

Your dream to make a bigger impact in the world, change peoples lives on a global scale depends on how you are going to progress in your coaching business daily in the next 3 months. 

Having mentored amazing women coaches, healers and consultants around the world to go from a hustle-fueled to a profitable 2hr working day business in just a few months again and again here is what I want to bring to the table:

You can either massively leap and get ready for the next stage of growth of your company, or ...

you can be stuck with implementing more ‘magic marketing formulas’, learning and trying to break into the new social media platforms, fiddling with your website, doing more livestreams, emailing your lists, networking…and some other 30 things you were told to do by your well-meaning business coach…

In my business school I was told to create a marketing pie: 12 things to do daily to ‘attract clients’… I wish I was joking…

(if you are doing that, please, STOP immediately!) 

- Read on to find out why!

The problem with focusing on marketing before creating a solid coaching program you can guarantee, is that you will have next to 0 motivation to go out and hustle.

Talking to people about who you are and what you do is a torture if you are actually unclear about what you program does for people. 

You sound like any other wishy-washy coach in the industry. 

People hear the words, holistic, intuitive, mindset, limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that hold you back…and they want to run.

Then you hire another sales coach or a branding strategist, pay for another high end retreat to heal your wounded inner child/queen/goddess with your soul-sisters, you buy another yoni egg, watch another Garry V video, grab another free e-book on speaking from stages, webinars or PR marketing…. 


And what you don’t know yet, is that the biggest problem for most ENTREPRENEURS (not just coaches), if they seem to get stuck with making serious cash in their business, is THEIR OFFER:

Look, here is the truth:

You've been selling the wrong thing

to the wrong people

for all the wrong reasons!


Sorry, nobody had asked you to look at what you are actually trying to sell (before pitching you their ‘sell-from-stages’ or ‘evergreen webinar’ programs!)


It all went downhill from the start… and it was NEVER YOUR FAULT!

I know exactly how it feels to sit through a year-long program that promised you a whole great coaching business in a box, and then hear crickets launching your groups or trying to get people on your free discovery calls. 

It's NOT your fault!

Many of my clients, just like myself, were told to create a 6-week coaching program and sell it for $300. Just imagine how many clients you have to work with to make even $30,00 per year. That would be 100 clients.

So then you must start hustling to get your 100 clients. I can see why you think 6-figure business will kill you!


Or another "good" one :) “create clients” by impressing them on your free session. “Just give them an hour they will never forget” they teach. In reality, one hour quickly becomes 2… and your so called prospect (who never said they wanted to buy anything or hire anyone) is then totally surprised with your pitch.


(Mind you, if you actually really blew their mind with amazing coaching, then, frankly, they just want to go home, they don’t have a problem any more). 

You were taught faulty sales systems that were doomed to fail you as a coach. 

- What you learned from a traditional coaching school doesn't make any sense!

Traditional coaching schools were teaching you how to ‘hold a space’ for your client, how to ask powerful questions, gave you some graphs and abbreviated systems to educate your clients on what is holding them back and set ‘SMART’ goals. 

You were told that responsibility of a coach is to keep your client accountable in implementing their own inner guidance. 

God forbid, you tell people what to do… that is not a ‘coach-like’ behavior…

so there you are 



You are asking yourself: how should I create my signature program if my work is to go with the client’s needs? How should I get my clients results if after 'looking deep inside' they still feel lost?


Of course, if your client never had done what they need your help with (example: start a business, pick a niche, when they never had a business before, or recover from a bad divorce, or get their joy back after a post-natal depression) it really doesn't matter how good of a 'space-holder' you are for them, the "aha-moment" just won't happen…


I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to let your client find the answer within, if it wasn’t there in the first place…

What you do with your client NEEDS TO CHANGE! 

You can not afford to be the kind of coach they’ve taught you to be on your last coaching program…. not if you have integrity and actually want to provide solid results for your clients. 

That also means CHARGE for your coaching.

Sorry you had to waist so much time using coaching methods and tools that would never work!

(Now, what coaching schools had taught you to do with your clients, explains, why they INSIST on you giving away FREE sessions while you are on their program. - They actually don’t want you to find out, that people will NOT PAY for this type of coaching.


Makes sense?


Put yourself into your clients’ shoes:

to pay somebody $50 or $500 for something that didn’t bring any results is TOO MUCH!

To pay somebody $1,000 or $5000 for one session that transformed their life sounds like a GREAT DEAL! 

So before you begin your hustle and invest more money into marketing, SORT OUT YOUR OFFER!

What you do for whom and how needs to become your prime focus for the next couple of years (that is if you do it on your own… or the next 3 months if you do it with me). 


Our Advanced  Coaches and Healers Certification begins with Fast Cash and Aligned trainings 


  • You will direct your attention on practicalities of making money in your coaching business and creating your FIRST IMPERFECT OFFER THAT SELLS.

  • You will align your coaching niche with your innate gift and skill and your life’s purpose. No more guessing what do you do and who is your ideal client. 

  • Clarity is what will help you then create a PERFECT PROGRAM that serves your client at the highest capacity.


Learn more about Certification here!


After the Advanced Healers and Coaches Certification we will help you scale your business by creating a solid online transformational program or product to get you on the path of having residual income.


To implement that you will need to make an investment into production, branding and advertising. 


I don’t want to fool you into thinking you can just go to 7-figures without a big marketing budget.

To put things into perspective, when times were good for social media advertisers, which is about 10 years ago, a ratio between ad spend and return was 1:1.5. Meaning for every dollar spent you were expected to make 1 dollar 50 cents back.

So, if you wanted to make a 1 Million dollars you would have to spend 2 Million to make it. 

This is what marketing gurus teaching you FB ads, or webinars, or funnels don’t tell you about their success get-rich-over-night formulas.

They forget to mention that even 10 years ago every webinar attendee would cost you $60.00… without any guarantee of a sale at the end of your long funnel. 


Now-days, with FB changing their algorithm, ads became even more expensive. 


So, scaling through selling cheap products online, even though may sound like a great model, would require you to have a lot of money saved upfront. 


Think: testing, improving, changing you offers, lead magnets, headlines, copy, images, bump offers, funnels design, payment options… then target audience specifics, traffic sources, affiliates, their terms and conditions….


You need to be ready for that!

When you hear a 7-8-figure marketer boasting they’ve spend millions to test their ‘magic system’ they are not exaggerating. 

Era of easy money with businesses, $20 info-products, had its peak… I'm not saying it’s impossible to make money online, it’s just that its became way more expensive.


So until you are ready to do that, let’s explore what would take you there:


You will finance your scaled business model by

making and saving money as a high ticket coach. 



And this is EXACTLY WHY you want to check out how to create an amazing high ticket transformational program you can 100% guarantee with our

Advanced Healers and Coaches Certification! 

Lira Kay

Founder of School Of Inspired Life - Launching Phenomenal Coaches Charging Their Worth

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