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Lira Kay is an international artist, futurist and celebrity guide, she have been called a secret weapon behind phenomenal success of prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

For the past 30 years she led global public projects and had worked with the professional and spiritual elite around the globe, while brining up 5 daughters, traveling the world and running a business. 


Multi-skilled and multi-talented CEOs, board members, business owners and their outstanding teams!


Here, we dream your next level mission into existence.

Here, we give you your second breath.


An investment in your rebirth. 

Expansion, through deepest levels of self acceptance and self expression.


Compassion and love for humanity.

Unshakable faith in your work.


Uncompromised devotion to creating a better future. 

Here, we set ourselves free from the old.


Construct our own new paths and frameworks.

Lean into the Unknown.


Take risks.

Exercise fierce independence.


Decide, commit and create.


Deeply care the collective.


Embody the new exciting future-proven leadership archetypes.

Ready to distinguish and nurture everything that drives us to be a powerful role model.


Here, we celebrate all that makes us special, world-class and in-demand.


That makes us immensely magnetic, but had been suppressed in order for us to succeed, until now...


Without this courageous, radical and unconditional self expression and love we can not reach our next level of impact and influence.

So, here, today, right now, you must face your true power and unlock your untapped potential and gifts. 


You must take a LEAP.

The world is standing still until you do!

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The future of your company and your mission depends on your faith.

Faith in yourself, your work and your team.


Your natural desire is to lean into the edge and find extraordinary solutions to lead and build legacies.

Our programs are designed to take your gift of leadership and innovation higher, deeper and further, knowing how charismatic, intelligent, powerful and driven you already are. 

This is about facing, healing and expanding your inner and outer reality, and making a leap into the unknown potential of your leadership, influence and talent.

Yes, it will surprise you.

It will inspire your team.


It will amaze everyone.

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Call for powerful visionaries  to inspire a better future for all!

We all know, that it is time for the

NEW business models

NEW relationship paradigms

NEW family structures, communities and social systems.


Let’s get together and co-create our NEW bright future.


What is the alternative?

I don’t see any. 


Are you in?!

"It's time to pass on your skills and nurture the next generation of talent. To set new standards. Deepen the knowledge. Become a powerful role model and a thought leader in your field."

Add an educational wing to your enterprise - to transcend your life lessons, your wisdom and your skills. 

Whether you are ready to build an internal training center, or want to be a founder of a public school, elite upscale academy, or want to launch your own professional certification, reach out and set a free consultation with Lira to talk over your options.

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Our clients say...


We are here, to give you everything you need...

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A space to breathe.

Detox. Recharge.

Reconnect with your truth.

Reimagine the future of leadership.

And a purpose of life.

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This  is  


a place to be yourself 

to play and belong.