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Video 1 what is identity crisis and the most common mistakes people make in trying to figure out who they are and what to do.
Learn 3 steps to move forward,
find clarity, gain control over the situation and turn your life around.
Video 2 learn 3 reasons why people fail to attend to their needs and treat themselves with love and compassion. A simple daily routine to break through procrastination that keeps you hostage to stale and dull existence. Learn to gain more energy, love yourself 
Video 3 Learn how to release negative emotions and stop being triggered. Life is too precious to react mindlessly to everything that bothers you. Learn how to move from being reactive to feeling pro-active.
Video 4 Start using this manifesting love and success formula to attract advancing opportunities for your relationships and career. Learn why is it so difficult to ‘just do it already’ and how to get what you truly desire in your life without breaking your back and your bank.

Make these affirmations true for YOU

I am in love with life! 

I accept, love and forgive myself completely!

I am a CREATOR of my LIFE!

I am authentically expressed and fulfilled,

living my purpose with ease and joy!

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My name is Lira Kay

and I am an international bestselling author, certified life coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and a spiritual transformation expert. I helped many hundreds of people to embrace midlife and use a loss or a personal crisis as a chance to create a meaningful positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others, to get what they truly want. 


We all have a purpose to be here, and untill we find it and live it authentically, life will bring us down to our knees. But once we'd accept it and begin walking our own special path with faith, that same life would provide us with guidance and support every step of the way.

Do You Feel Inspired? 

Dear Lira
Thank you kindly for your expertise and commitment to guide me to a 10 level of self love. 
I will be doing my homework because I am recognizing its remarkable benefits and know that I deserve them.

Ingrid C.

Lira has more than met my expectation of what a Life Coach could offer!

Vicki S.

I am not alone in my feelings of self doubt & low self esteem. Renewed energy in finding self love. I really enjoyed this group! Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks to the exercises that I've been assigned week by week, I've seen and felt results.

Maria P.

The discovery session was excellent.

Lee McCarthy

Patient and kind, she re-focused me on the power of intention and the importance of self-care, to integrate into my life an increased sense of calm and awareness, and most impactfully, taught me techniques for taking control of my state to increase energy and joy in any moment. A study in love and non-judgment, Lira's commitment to the empowerment of women is at the forefront of all she does.

Thank you so much, Lira, for giving us ladies such divine knowledge about the men we encounter over and over and letting us know what our responbility in the whole rollercoaster called life is, you're such a lovely speaker. I'm so glad to have you in my life!- hugs


Lira doesn't just tell people what they want to hear; instead, she focuses on proven techniques that have worked successfully for herself and her clients.


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