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with offering high end coaching programs! 

Within her first month of working with me Faith had sold her first coaching session delivering incredible results for her client.

Within next two weeks she made a proposal and signed an ideal client onto her 5 figure coaching program.


Faith Jones 

Founder, Speaker, Business Coach, Attorney


"Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Before I stared working with Lira my business was a side hustle, I only had a few clients, but was working long hours and undercharging for all the work I had done. As an introvert, finding and talking to new people was challenging and charging for my value was more so. Lira showed and taught me how to work and share my skills and strengths to the right audience. By doing this my leads grew and now the clients I attract and work with are who I really want to be working with, and can compensate me for my dedicated hard work. I was able to leave my fulltime job a few months after Lira and I started working together, so now I am able to commit fully to my passion and have doubled my income. Without Lira I would still be feeling stuck in my prior profession. Lira’s understanding, kindness, incredible knowledge and experience pulled me out of my shell and gave me an understanding of where I am headed and how to reach my biggest dreams. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done and highly recommend investing in her! You are guaranteed to see incredible results."


Edie Mustard, CEO, 

Mustard Splatter Design, 



This is another success story of Lira’s client Sofia,


who increasing her profit by transitioning from selling $100 coaching sessions to a $7,000 program, cutting her working hours in more than half. In her second month of working with Lira Sofia celebrated her first 5 figure month! 


After implementing the exact marketing strategies that Lira teaches her clients Sofia has quality clients reaching out to her consistently. But the story doesn’t stop there.

With her new communication skills Sofia started attracting big names, celebrities in her field asking her for her help. She created a $30K coaching package that included everything she wanted to do in her practice for years. The long term dream for Sofia, became a reality! 

Dr. Sofia P. Beloka  
Exercise Physiologist PhD, ULB Belgium
European Adapted Physical Activity MSc, KULeuven, Belgium
European Sport Management Solvay Business School MSc, Belgium
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, California USA


Hafrun, a talented mystic and a coach, came to Lira after investing a big sum of money with other coaches, but having no success in her various spiritual businesses. She felt disappointed and didn't know how to get herself out of rut.

In the first 3 weeks of working with Lira, she sold her first coaching session for $888!

And that was just a taster for her 3-month $10,000 program.


"With a gift for helping women heal and transform via the art of self-love and acceptance, Lira is a truly remarkable mentor and coach. Our work together began at a time when I was feeling drained of energy and joy by a taxing work schedule and results-driven outlook that played havoc with my priorities; I was in search of a program that would celebrate my alpha personality while allowing me to connect with my spiritual self on a deeper level, and the She's Got Passion System did not disappoint. As dedicated as I to my life of greater love and fulfillment, Lira masterfully guided me through the exploration of my values and desires, acknowledgement and acceptance of past upsets, and on to defining a future full of passion and possibility.

Patient and kind, she re-focused me on the power of intention and the importance of self-care, to integrate into my life an increased sense of calm and awareness, and most impactfully, taught me techniques for taking control of my state to increase energy and joy in any moment. A study in love and non-judgment, Lira's commitment to the empowerment of women is at the forefront of all she does. She is a skilled visionary and a dominant force within her field, combining the best of spirituality and science to lead her clients towards their own unique version of happiness and success, and I am blessed to have worked with her.

With great love and appreciation,

Amber-Celeste x"

Amber Celeste Aaronstein 

Brand and Business Startegist

After hiring me as a personal coach for healing and finding new direction and passion in life, Robert became my private business program client. 

In his testimonial he is sharing his experience of being on the program, doing profound healing, entering certification intensive and studying within a business group and working with me privately. 

Robert has a corporate career as a senior engineer and came to do the deep transformational work in the midst of his own personal crisis. He managed to understand and change his emotional state and thinking patterns and move forward in his life. He entered and qualified as a Yoga Teacher and became a certified life coach.


This is what Tracye says in her testimonial: 

Lira, this is why you are so unique:

Your investment and time in me as a person. This has been the most important to me. I know you care deeply and are actually devoted to helping me succeed.  This is particularly important me and it delineates you from many others. I don't feel like I'm a "paycheck" or just a "client". I feel like you truly care.  

The bottom line is you are so completely unique and I have never come across anyone quite like you. I was telling someone the other day that you are a new breed of therapist or "coach" and that you put the traditional  psychotherapist to shame. 


Tracye Laun, PhD

Director, Global Educational Services 

Ai was entered my Private Business Program and is now making triple of what other coaches in her gym make.

Watch this interview to learn how Ai became a ninja in marketing and sales.

Ai Nguyen

High Performance and Stress Management Coach at Discover You And Ai.

On my Private Business Program Wendy tripled her monthly income and became a mentor and sales trainer for her rapidly growing team.  Watch this interview to get some insights into authentic brand building and marketing.

Wendy Burman

Health Ambassador


Director of Business Development,

WING (Women's International Network Giving Support)

Watch this touching testimonial from Melorie, my Private Program client. 

Melorie Acevedo

Global Technology leader, Professor, and Mentor


"I live a miracle!

 Your coaching has pushed me up to major platforms I could hardly imagine!!! You are powerful and MAGICAL!!!!"

"My business coach Lira Kay is nothing less than extraordinary. We're on our 3rd session and magical things have been happening in my life."

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls

CEO, Health Coach, Transformational Speaker

"...I wrote sooo much sorry but it's very exciting and I don't let opportunities pass me by and have the confidence that I can do it to the point that my older daughter wants to help out with appointments and learn this field when she never wanted to touch it before.


My hubby is happy because I have been contributing weekly to the household. WOW WOW WOW thank you Lira for showing me I have the courage!"

Some of the results: making in 2 hours what she was making in a week of exhausting work, going to making $1000 in 10 min. Negotiating her fees like nobody's business (after doing her work for free (or for 'you don't want to know how cheep') for years). This is all while BEAUTIFULLY and with GRACE dealing with home matters that are incredibly challenging, receiving VISIBLE support (MIRACLES) from the spiritual world.


Rosario Mundos, LA


"You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace." 


Michael J. Gelb

Author, Speaker,Founder and President of The High Performance Learning Center

"You saved my life!"


Sofia Blake

Author, Founder Padi Internship, Senior Adviser, Mentorship Program

Women Against Trafficking 


As a result of working with me in a Private Business Coaching Program Stephanie created her unique authentic healing practice, and is now traveling the world with her family running her coaching business online and facilitating healing gatherings around the country. Watch this 60 min training- interview on How To Make It As A Coach. It's a real treat if you want to learn how to leap in your coaching business and will give you a great insights into how I get such amazing results for my clients!


Stephanie Mathews

Healer, Transformational Coach, Blogger, TV Youtube Producer, Traveller