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You Are Accepted to Speak at

The 111 Healers Conference 2021

This is how it works: 

  • You will facilitate a 30 min live online workshop for our 111 Healers Community.

  • You will need to invite at least 100 people from your audience to watch you demonstrate your methods and tools. We recommend to send a personal invitation to 10-20 people who know you work, past and current clients, or fans and ask them to share your invitation/live-stream promo posts with another 10 people they know. Please, follow up with them to ensure they are doing what you asked them.

  • You will live-stream your workshop in our FB 111 Healers Conference group. Please, be available to answer questions in the comments after the workshop. Share and continue interacting with your viewers after the workshop. 

  • You will receive your Master-Healers Award after leading your workshop. 

Read some tips and recommendations to leverage the opportunity to speak at 111 Healers Conference bellow.

Leverage your Speaker and Award-winning Master-Healer status provided by 111 Healers Project and the exposure this will create and promote your services, programs and products on our platform, where people gather to receive healing and actively look for a healer they can work with.

Golden Members can promote one paid offer or a free lead magnet link inside their 111 Healers Conference announcement posts. 

Once you had paid your Golden Member fees or subscribed to the Collective Membership you can add your free or commercial links to any post you make during your speaking announcements with a hashtag #Golden or #Collective.

Any posts or videos with outside links to free or paid offers for non-members will be removed. 

If you decided to become a Golden Member of the 111 Healers Conference we will

  • Promote and advertise your free or paid online product, program or service as part of your guest blog article, video training and a workshop, and any other promotional posts we will make on your behalf.

Golden Membership $97

Special Limited Offer for the first 111 Healers $39 One-Time Payment

  • Join our COLLECTIVE members to be part of the 111 Master Healers Network

  • Everything in the Golden Membership

  • Join my weekly Behind The Scenes trainings to create a Global Movement, a Powerful Transformational Business and Brand 

  • Workbooks, Templates, Tools and regular assignments to grow your healing, coaching or consulting business.



$97/mo Subscription

For the Golden Members and

the Members of the Collective

  • You can share a prerecorded 20 min You-Tube/Vimeo video training about your healing method on Lira Kay FB Page with thousands of fans and followers and inside our 111 Healers Conference group on FB with other experts and professionals looking to learn healing tools and modalities and people especially interested in healing themselves.. 

  • You can also submit a 500-word article to be published in our 111 Healers Conference website as a guest blog.

  • The replay of the workshop, your 20-min video training and a 500-word article with your BIO will be posted on the blog and available to share with your audience 

  • We are regularly advertising our guest blogs globally and locally, and promote it in any other social media posts. Please, in the form bellow put the link to your product/landing or sales pages and we will add it to any of the promos we'll do for you, before and during your live workshop.

Submit Your Additional Promo Materials

If You Are A Golden Member and

A Member of the Collective Membership

Here's your CHECKLIST and Tips to Prepare You for the Live Workshop and Some special Opportunities for Golden and Collective Members


111 Healers Project - Share Your Gifts To Heal The World!

  1. You will schedule a live online Workshop for you to teach and demonstrate your healing method, tool or modality in a 111 Healers Conference group.

  2. Please, invite at least 100 participants who follow your work, are part of your community, or are your past or existing clients. We recommend to send at least 10-20 personal invites and ask your fans to share your invite with another 10 people each. Or if you have a very responsive audience make an invitation in your community for people to join your live during your live-stream.

  3. You will live-stream via phone (FB Live Tutorial here) your free workshop in our 111 Healers FB Group on the chosen time and date. 

  4. Make sure your participants have a link to our 111 Healers Conference community, so they can connect with other people on their healing path, comment and ask you questions during and after the live workshop. 

  5. Please, make sure you understand that the workshop is a free public event and we have rights to share it with a wide audience online.  

  6. Create at least 5 short promotional post for your workshop with the date and time it will be live-streamed in the 111 Healers Conference group. We will join you in promoting your workshop to public. 

  7. Make sure your Social Media profiles and your website is in order, so people can reach out to you and purchase your programs or products. 

  8. If you had become our Golden or Collective Member, please, include a link to your free or paid online program, product or service you want us to promote during your Workshop and in the blog article, in the Speaker's Promo Materials Form. Always use #Golden or #Collective in your posts.

  9. On the 20 min Prerecorded Video Training and your guest blog article you will be talking about your method of healing (See example here)

  10. We will post your video training in our group and a FB page with thousands of fans and followers. We regularly boost our website blogs for the worldwide views.

  11. If you became a Collective Member you will receive exclusive access to the weekly Business Hour and our powerful monthly advanced trainings on high end mindset, closing 5-figure sales and highly converting marketing for coaching and healing businesses.

  12. Make the most out of your exposure, do daily FB lives on your own pages and in your own groups, and posts, Instagram stories, post on Linkedin and Linkedin relevant groups - talk everywhere about your upcoming live workshop and ask personally at least 10-20 people in your audience, your family and friends, to share your posts and support you. Create a massive ripple effect, healing people and growing your own following and clientele. 

  13. Make sure to 'like' and share other speakers' videos and posts. This is our collective effort to make the massive difference in people's lives. Support and generosity will always pay off. But you already know that! 

  14. You will receive emails from us to remind you of all the things you can do in our group to boost engagement with your educational and inspirational posts and expand your audience and reach as a speaker and facilitator of our 111 Healers Conference. 

That's it! 

We are looking forward to sharing your healing gift with our audience!