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Dear friend,


I am glad you chose to cut the chase and want to hear the real deal.

I know, that is what I would do. I would want to know what's the catch.

So here is the truth. 

My Shadow is a big loud attention seeker. She's smart and hasty and she designed my website. 

She is in charge of my marketing - a perfect job for her. Don't you agree?


But would I let Her run my life, my business, my team, serve my clients, write my books, love my husband, or bring up my kids? 


Because if I did, She would sabotage the only dream I really have, live in nature, love my family and help a million souls like me to live a happy life. 


All this time my Shadow was speaking to your Shadow about the promised land of milk and honey. This is what we are used to seeing and get hooked on. This is the game we play.

But may I ask you an uncomfortable question?

Is it ok? 

Thank you.

If it wasn't for your personal history, which informs your Shadow in every possible way, WHAT WOULD REALLY MAKE YOU HAPPY?

Happiness is a combination of pleasing your Shadow and fulfilling your highest potential here on earth as a human being. 

When I promise you influence, magnetism to love, money and cool people, I am not so far off. In fact, I am actually right on! Happiness will get you there. 

So, my disclosure to you is, that before we begin fulfilling your Shadow dream we will talk about your real soul's calling. 

We are the same you and I.

We came here with a bundle of GIFTS. We are the Old Souls. 

We had accumulated wisdom and energy over many life times.

We decided we are here to GIVE, to help, to teach, to heal, to elevate. 

We are smart, so we figured out how to fit in and make it this far. As the world was what it always had been, fitting in became our main goal in life. We really made an art of it. We ticked all of the boxes. Got this. Got That. 

And now we hear the CALLING. But we mistrust it.


Because by nature of us being human, every single one of us had a childhood, had the struggle, and had birthed a Shadow. 

As we are conscious people, even enlightened in some ways, we are fully aware of that dark side of our drive. And in this era of hyped slogans and so-much-talk about life's purpose and all kinds of empowerment, we just don't know anymore.

We get suspicious of our own ambitions!

Are we being slaves to our Ego, the Shadow, the hungry beast within? Will it take over what meant to be TRUE and GOOD, and fail us, jeopardize our mission?

I get it!

And I am here to help you.

My job is to teach you to recognize your Shadow, its many triggers and behaviors. I can help you to make it GO AWAY! Or better, WORK FOR YOU, and not against you. 

So I am here to heal and liberate your SOUL. Let it be heard. Let it lead. Let it Guide. 


The Shadow work is only the beginning...

So, here on this page, I am speaking to your soul.

If what I say makes sense to you, if you, just like I, had prayed and asked for intervention as Divine and as Direct as it can get, know, that I am here for you. 

I am here now, and I can teach you how to heal your Shadow, liberate your soul and live your purpose.

And if that won't make you happy... 

With all my love,


PS obviously, as soon as you finish reading this, get in touch with me. 

This way, we both would start living up to our soulful contract. We can get on the phone and chat as soon as today! 

Or you can type in your name and tell me about your situation using this message box below. What do you want out of life, what's the ambition, what's the obstacle right now? I will answer as soon as I can (typically within 1-3 days). Let's start a conversation and see if I can help!

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