Private Invitation to Liz

Dear Liz,
you have a luxury to think big, give back on the global scale and do it your way.

This is why I would love for you to join our Panel for Meaningful Trends Project and experience a Purpose of Life as we will know it in the FUTURE. 


Finding a Life's Purpose is always a mystery - together we will explore what it means to be human. Where the boundaries to 'perfection' of the human kind and consciousness really lie. 

What our life will be all about after our basic needs are met? 

Imagine, that the whole world, all 9,9 billion people by 2050, are fed, sheltered and loved... what is next for humanity? What is next for you? 

The Panel Purpose of Life in the Distant Future is happening on May 25th, 8 am (Hawaii Standard Time). 

Please, email me and let me know if you will attend. 

With love,