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When our trust was broken, when our sacred bond with our significant other had ceased to exist, when love was so hard to get, that it became a currency, we start going through our life as broken, disconnected and insecure. 


This understated inner image makes us vulnerable to being used and manipulated with promises of salvation, that will, apparently, be giving us an all-tempting illusion of righteousness, superiority and control.

"My compassionate voice of reason now speaks with a lovely Russian accent..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

Lira Kay is the world's leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies.


Her work is focused on creating seamless but highly effective processes and systems for high performance, therapy and healing. Lira’s been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal breakthroughs of many celebrated transformational leaders, elite coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 


“Being in your energy is like being in my mother’s womb…”



Bestselling Author of From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan, Milan

Lira Kay Testimonials
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Restoring Faith

My name is Lira Kay and I’m a world leading specialist in finding and restoring faith. 


I specialize in creating deeply cathartic psychological experiences and methodologies leading to spiritual enlightenment, confidence and inner peace. 


We begin with helping you find your spiritual core through intentional therapeutic process of self-forgiveness and self-empowerment. 


Together we construct and recreate a compassionate meta-model that makes you all powerful, secure and expansive. 


We restore your faith in yourself, people and God. 

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Imagine what is possible for you when you have permission and means to act despite your fear and limitations! 


Imagine, that the rules you play by meant to progress and evolve you.


Imagine, you are never alone, you are always loved. Imagine, you have your back and you share responsibility for your decisions and actions. 

You have protection.

You have courage.

You have more that enough, as you have access to the source. 


You are unstoppable. You are powerful.

You are magical.


“I was about to give up… and now I own my work!”


Emma, Founder of Channeled Society, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Seattle

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Polluted Beach
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On this never-ending quest for wholeness, belonging and finding your unlimited source of power you had encountered many substitutes of God. Neither had satisfied you or had brought you a true peace. 


Because this path, is what I call the Path of the Abused and the Abandoned, was doomed to fail you from the start. It doomed to keep you small and powerless in a face of your fate. In fact, it made you believe that there is a curse, and it's just a matter of time, when Your Judgement Day actually happens.


You keep overcoming your life circumstances, mastering and perfecting yourself, working hard against your habitual feelings of shame, guilt and fear of dying alone.


But I propose to change your destination… and do it in a company and with the guidance of the compassionate, ever-loving and unconditionally accepting God... 

... God, that simultaneously forgives and honors your imperfections, and generously provides you with courage to lean into your untapped potential and resourcefulness.


“You have everything to succeed and feel happy” would make a total sense once you had encountered and embodied this kind of God. 

“In 5 min you've done for me what my psychotherapists and coaches couldn't do it 10 years.

Name hidden due to client's high visibility 


"You saved my life..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Women Against Human Trafficking

When I heal people, I look into not just what had been done to them, but, really, digging deeper into ancestral or even generational wounding.


My concept of Compassionate God exists because my powerful father, my personal prototype for The God All Mighty, did not deliver, bless his heart. 

It wasn’t his fault, as much as the trauma my children, who had been conceived and mothered by me, guarantees them a great deal of therapy. 

We are all passing through god knows what (no pun intended)… 


So… I like to look into the healing of our ancestors… and as they are mostly not available to do the process we would have to get creative on how this ‘healing’ going to be performed.


If you parents are young enough, and determent enough, they might participate in a process with you. But, mostly, I recommend to leave your parents out of it. Your healing is your own.


By some divine arrangement, by some pure magic… their life might just get better after you had undergone the ritual of ‘healing ancestral wounds’. But it doesn’t have to. That wouldn’t be the end game.

Would this path, this finale, be better for my mother or  father? Could that make them to love me more? 

Lira Kay 

I propose to use some simple enough psychotherapeutic tools to release the pain your mother and your father had experienced to be the parents they were for you.


As a therapist you would work with the situation (and if you are fluent at psychoanalysis, - and if you are not, I highly recommend you make yourself to be so, - you would be able to work out what the situation was, even if you actually don’t know what factually happened..) as you would work with it directly with the patient/client/participant. 


I see Gestalt method as an obvious choice, but there could be many. 


When I create transformational healing experiences I love getting  a team of therapists/actors/group to role-play the situation and lead it to a newly obtained/prescribed/intended catharsis. And that is for your parent. 


Would this path, this finale, be better for your mother or your father? Could that make them to love you more? 


I mean, we are being brutally selfish here. 


Our whole aim is to get closure and re-imagine the story your parent had lived, and I’m sure is very attached to and might not want to voluntarily change, if asked directly. 

Yes, I think this is the real value of this process. In reality, our parents, separately from one another, would protect their status quo, and find million reasons why they were ‘right’. In actuality, they had run out of emotional resources to deal with guilt, shame, blame, regret and all sorts of other side effects of ‘things going wrong’. 


They just don’t have the time and energy to process and heal. 


They will justify themselves, or simply forget the wrongs… and it’s ok. 


Put yourself in their shoes… if you have kids, you would know why I am calling you to self-compassion. Accusations or shaming won’t make you a happier parent for your kids. Be smart. Be smarter. Get creative. 


There’re so many ways to address your parents’ own traumatic experiences, and helping you, in return, to get on with your own. 


Yes, inevitably, your own traumas are more important to heal… but with my experience of healing thousands of people for over 30 years, I am noticing that many of our traumas start making total sense once we stopped ‘normalizing’ our parents’ ‘bad’ behavior. 

“Many of our traumas start making total sense once we stopped ‘normalizing’ our parents’ ‘bad’ behavior. 

Lira Kay 

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Faith expressed through religion can act as a security blanket or as a strong force available to you. 


It is like having a super-daddy, the protector, the teacher, next to whom YOU can speak out loud and whom you can embody and find yourself protecting and teaching others. This religion-informed faith can give you a sense of superiority and a patronizing attitude that repels bullies and attracts victims. You can lead with a flag of a holy word, holy energy, and a holy message. You can begin to save people...




Or you can bravely step onto the path of ditching the ‘middle-man’ and meeting your God yourself, - take the Path of discovering your Source through facing yourself and your power. 


If it’s blocked in any ways (through childhood trauma, most likely) you might feel resistance to ‘going there’. You’ll hold on to the religion much longer.


But a spiritual Master is the one who isn’t afraid of intimacy with their God. 


They’d project such openness, such transparency… 


They’d refuse to hide behind the loud voice or the loud words that are not their own. 


They’d leave the patronizing tone behind. 

They’d let go of superiority all together. 


And this is not about being humble or pretending to be dumb or independent. It is exactly the opposite. 


It is about confidently carrying that access to God throughout your day, being able to draw from your source, to make decisions that are real, that are felt through, that are thought through.


Intimate relationship with God equals intimate relationship with life.


And intimacy after all is the realness you can afford. 


Discovering, admitting to, embodying your power allows that realness and authenticity. It gives you confidence that isn’t faked or borrowed. You own your words. You own your energy. You own attitude, and with that, your message and your work.

You will allow others to save themselves. You will stop 'patronizing' or 'preaching', but you will heal, grow and transform others with your presence alone. 

“Whether the object of your faith be real or false, you will nevertheless obtain the same effects. Thus, if I believe in Saint Peter’s statue as I should have believed in Saint Peter himself, I shall obtain the same effects that I should have obtained from Saint Peter. But that is superstition. Faith, however, produces miracles; and whether it is a true or a false faith, it will always produce the same wonders”.

Paracelsus, 1535

What does it take then to ‘believe’ in the Compassionate God, who’s undeniably good to you, no matter what you are or what you’ve done? 


I would begin with understanding how meta-models are created, then alchemizing, aka combining your newly-constructed Ideal Mother and Father figures into an inspiring and simultaneously productive Super-powerful archetype, loosely called ‘God’, and  then integrating that meta-model until it fuels your subconscious drive. 


I leave technicality of the process to your imagination. I personally perform the procedure in all sorts of interesting ways, depending on the level of your investment. The more you are invested, the less you’d be aware of my techniques. If you are a student of mine and want to do what I do, which is essentially work with existential crisis of any kind and at any stage, then you would learn many different variations of my techniques until you get courage to invent, test out and prove your own. 


I pretty much see you reading to the end of my article, franticly taking notes, taking screen-shots or copy-pasting my words… I know you need this work for yourself. I know you’ve been praying for it. 

So I see two immediate choices for you. 

To become my student or to become my client. 

I welcome either of these choices. 

I’m here for you. 

Here’s how to begin. 

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