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Sound Can Affect your Reality, Why Use Mantra

"In this 5-minute film, the second of the Hidden World series, the work of German photographer Alexander Lauterwasser is presented in the context of Cymatics, the study of vibration and its effects on form-making. A brief history of Cymatic research is presented starting with the sound-figure experiments of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny. Alexander Lauterwasser is shown continuing the research that Chladni and Jenny began with his custom-built equipment that enables him to produce beautiful geometric patterns in substances ranging from sand to water. The connection of sound to organic patterns in nature and the philosophical implications are also addressed."

This is a U-Tube video intro from Echomedia Studios channel.

I chose to show this video on my blog because I often teach my clients about the power of their voice, the words, the language they are using. As an NLP practitioner I learned, and really, confirmed what I have studied before in a spiritual art school in my late teens/early twenties, it does matter what we say and how we say it. It matters how we speak to other people, and it absolutely crucial, how we speak to ourselves. It affects not only our psyche, but also has the ability to alter our DNA, our own matter, our physical reality.

This why after doing so much research and trying out lots of traditional methods for dealing with traumas and changing people's behiviors I came back to simplicity of meditation, silent one and a one with a mantra. Focusing on and saying out loud some particular words can really create the difference you are looking for. It can bring you a most deserved healing, relief and release of your emotional pain, by mainly giving you a chance to operate from a different frequency, radiate a different type and kind of vibration.

Mantra doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler it is the better.

My favorite one for myself and my clients is a reminder that they are in a process and everything is all right. It sounds exactly like that: "I am in a process. I'm all good."

It normally takes you out of the result-oriented mode, that can overwhelm you and leave you feel exhausted or frustrated, and it also reminds you of who you really are: you are all good. This mantra is both soothing and productive. I use it myself whenever I feel anxious, impatient or unsure.

You can certainly come up with your own mantra. All words in the bases hold in a sacred meaning, it's in there. Nice, kind, good, positive words have a good, nice, kind vibration about them. So start with incorporating those positive words into your daily vocabulary, see how you feel, see what will change.

Here I also made a 3 min video for some of you who want to try this little experiment I will do for myself. I will use the words in sanscrit to attract abundance and peace into my life. If this sounds like something you would like to try too, please, check it out and join me in this 1o day experiment. I am exited to share my results with you. Also, please, leave your comments, I would love to know how it went for you.

Lira Kanaan