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Can You Feel My Love

Lira Kanaan

My dear friend,

my heart is feeling for you and I see the hands of the Universe holding you like a baby in its arms, soothing and whispering words of love.

I am fully aware that sometimes it can be difficult to love somebody and love yourself unconditionally. We were told to be careful, hold back, that we can get hurt and pain is bad. And we believed it and we withheld. I get it.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


Let's begin breaking through those barriers with admitting our strong desire to be loved and give fully and always. I know that is how you feel. We all do. It's ok to want love. It's ok to have it.

How to begin feeling love that is unconditional? That question was on my mind since the very early age. I think I found the answer. I teach it, I preach it and I live it.

Here is one of the ways: surrender to love, heal all you know about love, decide to show love, and, most importantly, accept love.

Here is a little help if you need it, a guided meditation called 'The Hands of The Universe".

Enjoy and be loved, my friend.

Today you are special.

Lots of love to you

and talk soon,