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Lira Kay’s Method Helps Healers & Coaches Charge Over $1K/hr

My Heal So You Can Serve Method is developed through 30 years of working with thousands of people, helping them heal and achieve phenomenal success in life.

I started business in my forties and, first, completely failed at making money as a healer. Having 100 clients per year, hustling, ‘working’ on my business, hiring teams, endlessly paying for mindset and marketing programs, I hardly made anything at the end of the year. My husband gave me an ultimatum, he was tired of taking care of our 5 children all by himself. I had to get a grip or lose my family and my business.

I invested in learning the high end business model, which was great. In theory!

In reality I struggled to market and close sales because I was petrified to charge my worth.

I truly understand my clients, with PhDs and M.B.A.s, lists of certifications and decades of experience, who had never learned to respect their talents and skills. We are so used to undercharging, discounting our value, disrespecting our time, that we believe, it’s normal. In reality, we must take responsibility for changing our own attitude towards money, and most importantly towards our selves.

For me it took deep and series healing.

Here’re the 3 specific steps I took to help myself raise from a Martyr, who sacrificed myself and my family to serve others, to a business-savvy world-class healer and mentor, charging over $2K/hr for my work.

Step One - Get Off the Path of the Abused and the Abandoned - release past traumas and generational wounds, stop control-seeking and people pleasing behavior that keeps you stuck, running a small business and a small life.

Step Two - Define and Use Your Unique Spiritual Gift as a foundation for your business - doing your life’s work. I am teaching 7 specific spiritual gifts everyone has. Your job is to align your special gift with the people who need it and focus your niche for profound transformational marketing to close 5-6-figure sales.

Step Three - Launch your “Golden Goose” - the offer that keeps giving. After you had healed your need for suffering, you will rethink the way you work. You will shift your priorities. It inevitably happens. The hustle, the grind, the sacrifice, is in the past. What is your new business model, your new flow, a system, that steadily brings you security and prosperity? You will create your own Portal of Wealth - whether it is launching and growing your own academy with 5-figure masterminds, or selling $100,000 private transformational programs, or taking your work to the masses with online products, or all of it together, the goal is the ultimate freedom and a dream life-style you deserve as a healer, change-maker and a role model in your global community.

Watch my video and apply each of the 3 steps in your own business and life if you’re interested in setting yourself free to live your life’s dream and purpose.

About Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author, Speaker, and a founder of the 111 Healers Conference and the School of Inspired Life - a training center helping outstanding experts become world-class and in high demand.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives over 30 years, through healing workshops, practical seminars, transformative classes, psychotherapy, art, international curatorial projects and mentorship. Her students had been successfully growing their businesses and elevating brands, charging 10-20 times as much as they charged before.

Her 111 Healers Project is reaching thousands of people across the globe with the message of healing and transformation. 111 Healers Conference gives a platform for healers from all over the world reach a global audience and share their tools and methods with public.

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