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OMG, Identity Crisis in the Middle of Launching Your Luxury Brand!

Couldn't that be more annoying?!

But, what if I taught you how to instantly overcome this hurdle of branding yourself inside the box, while all you want, is to show off all brilliant and equally valuable sides of yourself and your expertise.

I have the answer, and the secret is in asking the right question!

Lira Kay. Branding Your Multidimensional Self

Being blocked by identity crisis is especially relevant for people who are multi-talented and multi-skilled.

If you are in your midlife, it’s likely, you have a lot to show for the good and complicated life you had lived (and still living!). Your achievements spread throughout not only your professional life, but also your familial, romantic, and social relationships. You can relate to anybody and understand and reach the hearts of people from all walks of life.

You had, probably, moved places, relocated, travelled. Might speak another language. Are familiar with other people’s culture. Have your own diverse ethnical and cultural background. Had managed to survive the loss of people and status in your life. Have broken and repaired relationships and friendships. You had rebuilt and recreated yourself, your career or your business many times around.

You've been warned not to be the Jack Of All Trades… But, let’s face it, you are!

And you are the master of all.

You are well-adjusted, well-rounded and over-qualified.

You can put your mind to anything and succeed. You are equally great and even brilliant at all of the things life had thrown at you.

You had invested time, money and fierce dedication to educate and uplevel yourself. You had never stopped learning. Growing. And evolving.

So what’s wrong with that?

Identity crisis only comes up when you are asked to focus your efforts and name yourself something. Without that question, you are happily being your multidimensional self, proudly displaying and using all sides of your personality and expertise.

So, let’s reframe the question.

Instead of - who am I and what do I do?

Ask - how did I combine all of my skills and experience to create a unique outlook and path to success, happiness and fulfillment?

Describe the 2-3 qualities you have as a result.

If you are in the middle of launching a luxury brand, an upscale school or an academy where you teach your unique skills, or sell bespoke experiences and create original products, have in mind, that what would make it special, and, therefore, hard-to-get and in-demand, is your unprecedented expertise and a rare perspective from somebody who had done it all.


Some of the greatest, and the most valued, mentors in business and transformational industry do exactly that.

They don’t try to focus and minimize their experience. In fact, they proudly wear the title of ‘Jack Of All Trades’ and market themselves as such.

Abraham Jay, one of the most expensive business coaches out there, starts any of his presentations with something like this - “I had a privilege to work inside four thousand businesses and have a unique perspective on how you can succeed.” I am paraphrasing, but that’s the gist.

Tony Robbins waves in stories from his childhood, and all the different jobs and experiences he had, people he met. If anything he is street-wise. He appeals to the masses, as well as to the most powerful and important leaders and celebrities.

Oprah - had surrounded herself with, and made a point to invite the most diverse groups of people onto her interviews and shows. Inclusiveness, equality, unconditional attention and support is why we are so attracted to her and everything she does. She is truly loved by the rich and the poor, the black and the white, the elite and the underdog.


So, instead of trying to put yourself in a box, I’d like to invite you to bring up and state some of the more powerful, more universal sides of your personality to identify the feeling and a general vibe of your brand.

For example, competent, wise, loving, like Jay, Tony and Oprah.

You can go deeper, and find nuances in that. Support your statement with some of the real-life examples.

"Competent mentor and teacher, with 30 years experience of working with thousands of people around the globe."

"Wise, through building communities and businesses from scratch not only for herself, but for the hundreds of her private clients and students."

"Loving and unconditionally accepting people and herself, with bringing up five daughters, being married, believing in herself, despite losses, challenges and circumstances.

"Passionate when it comes to her life’s calling to create miracles of transformation and nurture her students’ god-given gifts and talents."

I can go on and on - I gave you my own example and interpretation of using this concept.


Now, it’s your turn!

Instead of trying to fit yourself in an existing niche, accept your original blueprint and write down three universal qualities you possess as a result of being you and living your life.

Then make sure to speak up about it and proudly be the face of your own unique niche and brand.

Surprisingly, you will find out, that people are likely to be more like you, than you think.

After all, most, if not all of us, can not fit in a box and struggle with answering the question 'who am I?' with a one singular beautifully edited sentence.

You can do a lot of things.

You are talented and successful at many.

You are brilliant, dedicated and passionate.

Not at this or that. But, just, are.



Lira Kay is an international artist, futurist and celebrity guide, she have been called a secret weapon behind phenomenal success of prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

For the past 30 years she led global public projects and had worked with the professional elite around the globe, while brining up 5 daughters, traveling the world and running a business.

Learn more about her work: VIP work and Meaningful Trends Project Business and Skills Training

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