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Reality Reboot

Imagine waking up as your future self, having already achieved your goals. You are full of love for yourself and life. You are in optimal health and since you have realized your genius work, you have helped so many people, your life is easy. You are wealthy and abundant in all areas of your life.

Reality Reboot is going to help you relax into your genius self, without the past wounds and all the stress of events happening in the world around us, so you can gain daily insights into your next step of healing work, without judging, hiding, or overfilling your calander, and simply getting into the flow. It will be a hypnosis experience with practical tools to take with you.

About Lisa Shook

Lisa Shook is the founder of Hypnosis at Kinetic Healing Connection, and the Stressless Prosperity Institute for Coaches and Healers. Lisa is located in Renton, Wa. She is a Hypnotherapist and Coach to ambitious entrepreneurs. She has been helping women and men in business over 25 years. Lisa has become the go-to coach for healers and light workers in Seattle.

Lisa started her coaching business in 2020. She is helping professional women and men through hypnotherapy and energy work. Lisa realized she has a natural talent for coaching. Now she is helping professionals to untangle the life they have lived and make sense of generational relationship patterns in order to heal and reach success in life and in business. Lisa herself has lived through abandonment, betrayal and loss of loved ones.

In 2016 was the devastating loss of her 27 year old son. This was the turning point of looking deeper into why she was a workaholic and why she need to heal, and why it was important for her to take massive action to change.

Now Lisa is enjoying freedom & purpose. Her biggest joy is teaching women like herself to create Stress-less Prosperity.