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Vulnerability of Being Powerful - Shortcut to Authority - Uplifting the Corporate Culture

I can also call it: Shortcut to Overriding Corporate Hierarchy with Embracing the Alpha Father and Mother Archetypes

Emotional efficiency - it’s how fast your generate the right emotional response with your actions and policies.

My solution is to embrace the Mother and the Father archetypes as a leader and lead with having the ‘power to love’.

Power vs Control

Real authority implies control, while control doesn’t always imply power.

The worst leader is the one in a position of control, but who has no real authority, and, therefore, power.

We can see things go wrong very quickly.

We all know that no matter what the CEO, founder or the owner of the company’s intentions are, the mid managers are the ones who actually install the corporate culture.

The best ‘talent’ can be applying for a job inspired by the company’s great messaging and mission, but in reality every team will have their own ‘culture’ and it will depend on who your actual boos is.

In a corporate environment we can be looking at a mid manager micromanaging or bullying and that affects the ‘culture’ you will experience.

The famous saying is: people don’t leave jobs or careers, they leave bad bosses.

If you don’t understand dynamics of how control and power intersects and what you need to do to actually ‘authorize’ and ‘delegate’ your mid managers, you will be dealing with employees who feel ‘controlled’ vs ‘empowered’.

On the personal level, you as a CEO can have a conflicted relationship with power.

3 Biggest Power Dilemmas

for an Ambitious CEO

  1. You might be allergic to responsibility.

  2. Or feel hyper-responsible, and, eventually, start resisting and avoiding that responsibility after being ‘burned out’.

  3. You can be rebellious and feel like you are in the opposition to any authority… and, therefore, have a subconscious sabotaging behavior show up when it comes to fully embracing your leadership position. You assume that position of authority comes with enemies.

These are valid psychological consequences of being in a position of power and you must address them if you want to be a great leader.


‘Love heals it all’, ‘All we need is love’, ‘We are the one’, quotes are highly overused.

In reality love is hard to get, especially the unconditional love, we think we must recreate in our daily relationships.

From the psychological point of view, you had only one chance in life to be loved unconditionally, and that is by your biological mother… given, that your biological mother was capable of giving unconditional love. We are, of course, aware that our mothers had their own issues, traumas and limitations to do with relationships, love and intimacy.

So the elusive ‘love’ we are seeking, likely, doesn’t exist here in a normal human life. What we experience is all sorts of variation of ‘love’ and that is ok.

As a leader, stepping into her Mother archetype, you will encounter a dilemma of unconditional love vs transactional love.

Exploring and projecting ‘unconditional love’ will put you so much ahead of the game.

Sounds impossible, right?!

So, read on.

Now, here’s how to understand and cultivate unconditional love in a real world.

3 Principles of Unconditional Love

  1. Love is attention.

  2. Love is intimacy.

  3. Intimacy is being able to be powerful and allowing another to be powerful with you.

Ok, sound doable, now I explained what the unconditional love looks like to another human beings.

But how do we get ourselves there?

You didn’t have to do a decade of therapy to know that most of us suffer with intimacy issues.

It is legitimately scary to fully own yourself and show up so transparently for another.

We replaced intimacy with vulnerability and replaced vulnerability with a soap story or a ‘shameful confession’.

The real vulnerability, however, is to be your powerful self. Not try to fit in. Be liked. Be accepted. But take a risk and show what you’ve really got and see what happens.

Have the answer.